Branding my blog or WTF

So I’ve been struggling with branding this blog. I’ve researched the world of personal blogging and I must bow to all the blog kings and queens out there. Of course, I’m 10 years behind having just discovered blogging but still. Holly molly, some of these blogs are amazingly branded. One click and someone’s world virtually opens in front of your eyes and you get pulled into the day to day adventures of all the Anda’s of the world. From dating, to photography, to parenthood, to raising rabbits. Incredible! But what’s really amazing to me is how some of these people have managed to brand their own personal lives turning them into profitable businesses – some with outside help, others with a natural flair for selling thoughts. Of course, I’m referring to the really good blogs out there; there’s also tons of cybercrap floating around but I strongly believe my crap floats higher than theirs! It may not be, but I believe it is. And if I believe it, it must be.

My struggle laid in the fact that my interests don’t really last long as I constantly crave something new in my life – as I said on the About Me page my hobby is a hobby for hobbies. Well that’s a pickle, I thought!

My girl Camille and I getting a taste of what it feels like to be tall!

And then I realized that the only constant in my life is simply ME. I follow me everywhere! So my blog is not about anything in particular – this is not a business or a marketing tool for anything that I craft or sell (not that I would have any talent to craft anything anyway). It’s simply about me and my life, with good and bad, funny and sad. Long term I hope this will serve as a portal into my life for my children (I want them to know that their mom could keep up with the best cab drivers out there and drop f bombs like nobody’s business while wearing Banana Republic capris). Short term this will be a creative outlet for me and a way for my family across the pond to keep up with my adventures.


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