Basil Leaf

Lately I found no time to write. My life sometimes goes 100 mph! I’m not complaining – I’m having a blast, it’s just hard to find time to relax my mind for a few minutes sometimes. Today, however, I found a couple of hours of sweet nothing-to-do so here I am. Today started on a sad note, though. We’ve been fostering this sweet shelter doggie named Wally for the past few weeks and we’ve fallen in love with the little bugger. He is an amazing dog!!

The Humpee

So cute, so sweet, and so smart. He’s so sweet that he doesn’t even get mad when my mini-poodle Mushu humps the bejesus out of him. He just sits there and gives him this look that seems to say “go ahead, I understand, it’s your territory”. But today I had to drop him off to the rescue for an adoption event.

The Humpor (lol)

Looks like they already got an application for him and he may be on his way to a permanent home. I’m sooooo broken hearted and sad! I looooove him! He’s melted my heart. I wish I had a big house with a big yard so I could keep him. But I’m glad that we were able to help him when in need.

On a happier note, we’ve been trying some new things lately. Let’s start with line dancing. Yup, we went line dancing in Southern California:) I figured it couldn’t be that difficult….it was a disaster!! Picture Dracula’s granddaughter meets Daisy Dukes. I’ve never been to Georgia but I’ve seen Daisy Dukes just like you guys most likely saw Van Helsing. That’s right, nothing to do with each other. Me and line dancing will probably never happen and I’ve come to terms with it. So then we took a salsa class. During the class I was actually pretty good at following directions and memorizing steps and movements. Couldn’t really understand what the instructor was saying – she had a very thick accent. All I kept hearing was basil leaf this, basil leaf that! I think she meant “basic lean”:)  Anyways, once the music started and we tried moving to the rhythm we realized that we both sucked. What do you know, hips do lie! Stiff as two robots.But we are having the time of our life!! We’ve been having so much fun together it’s madness!! Here’s a few snapshots that need no words:


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