Giddy Up

The biggest social event of the year in our area is the opening day at the horse races. It’s really cool…the first couple of times you go. Then it’s just blah. You know, you get over the old Barbie’s and Ken’s that refuse to admit they’re aging and they show up wearing their kids’ clothes or they bejewel everything with rhinestones. Not cool, dudes, not cool. Anyways, so aside from the opening day which can be quite a hassle, the horse races are a really cool thing to do with friends on a weekend. Today we went – five hours later we’re home all bloated and with our feet up in the air. The fairgrounds is one of those places where all nutrition rules go out the window; you eat huge, juicy burgers, garlic fries, big sausages with smelly sauerkraut, and you wash them all down with beers and margaritas. So we did just that! Yummo!

Now let me tell you about the fun and guilt free part: the betting! We bet on 5 races – I’d like to say that they were informed bets but no, not at all. It is my personal opinion that most people place bets based on the degree of weirdness of the horse’s name. If you haven’t been to a horse race before, let me show what I mean – these are the horses I bet on today: Floating Feather, Cat on Base, Affrettando, Jolly Joseph, Miss Lady Ellen, Conkate, Gab Power, and Forest Boy. Oh, I’m sorry, not weird enough for you? Here’s some more: Cherokee Heaven, Best Present Ever, Long Face,  My Gi Gi, Cozze Up Lady, Quiet Advice, Colonel Mustard, Pop The Cork, Boo Who Hoo, Gnarly Dude, etc. Get the idea? Then you have to read the odds. It’s really not easy to read all those numbers which, by the way, change constantly and by the time the race starts they can be completely opposite from what they were when you made your bet. It’s simply a complicated process and for $2 bets who cares?! Because that’s what most people bet on a race, anywhere from $2-$4. Oh and when you’ve finally picked out a name that in some twisted way resonates with you, you must then decide what kind of bet you want to make. Because there’s like 11 or 12 of them and their names are just as maddening: trifecta, exacta, quinella, superfecta, show, place, etc. And, of course, you can then make a combination of all these bets into one single bet! At this point the name is completely unpronounceable. Are you still following? Because unless you’re willing to lose your home with the bet this is exhausting!! And, of course, everyone is betting on the favorite so no one really wins much.

But at the end of the day this is an awesome way to spend a beautiful, sunny summer day! And we came home with all of our winnings. All $7 of them! 🙂 The hardest $7 I ever had to make!


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