The Return of the Humpee

About a couple of weeks ago I was telling you about Wally aka The Humpee, the foster dog that’s been living with us for a few weeks. We dropped him off to an adoption event recently and in our hearts we knew he would get adopted right away and we’d never see him again. Wrrrong! He’s back!!! I’m happy to have him back; he’s simply adorable. But nowhere near as happy as my boyfriend – I thought I could hear his jaw bones crack that’s how big his smile was! You see, Mushu is my baby and like any other loyal dog he has taken some of my personality traits, like being laid back and fairly uninterested in activities that require too much physical effort. Like walking. And there you have Wally who is the size of an overweight peanut and who has the same level of energy as my boyfriend and could be soul mates. My boyfriend wakes up at 5am every day. So does Wally. My boyfriend likes to run. So does Wally. My boyfriend like to go to the beach and get wet and dirty. So does Wally. While me and Mushu relax on a blanket reading a book under an umbrella and the protective layer of Dove SPF 500. I now understand why most couples want to have two kids. It’s only fair.

So welcome back home, Wally! You’ve made my boyfriend a very, very happy man which lets the pressure off me for a couple of days:)


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