Murder Mystery – Suspects Revealed

I have finally recovered from the Murder Mystery Dinner Party we hosted last Saturday. It was obviously an amazing dinner party, if I may say so myself:) But it took me almost 4 days to get over the nausea and headaches. Eek! Getting drunk at *** is definitely not the same as getting drunk at 25! Nope, recovery time is just ridiculous. It’s like for every 3 years you get an extra day of nausea, migraines and pain in places you didn’t know could hurt. But the champagne+vodka+pomegranate shooters were amazing so no, I have not learned any lesson this time either. I will do this again. Soon, I’m sure.   

So if you’ve read my previous posts you know that I’m completely obsessed with murder mystery books and movies so I’ve been counting down the days for this party for weeks! But I never thought it would turn out so much fun! First of all, I want to thank all of our guests for getting all pimped out for the party. We had a 1930s theme and the outfits blew my mind! Ok so 1930s fashion was kind of gross so everybody seems to have found comfort in the 1920s fashion instead. And I must say that all the ladies looked smoking hot!!! Guys too but the girls totally took the theme very seriously and passionately put together amazingly accessorized outfits, from silky, flapper dresses, to veils, gloves, and long cigarette holders, to intricate wavy hairdos.

Now the plot:

One by one the Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, Barons, Knights and their beautiful Ladies made their entrance and were greeted upon their arrival at The Manor by Sir Immanuel and Lady Anda.

Sir Immanuel and Lady Anda

By the end of the evening it was clear that among such distinguished guests a few clever outlaws had somehow made their way into the Manor and infiltrated the nobility. Music was played and wine and cocktails were consumed. And then, when no one was expecting it, the lights went out and BAM! Sir Immanuel collapsed to the floor! Some Ladies scream in horror, others faint while the gentlemen gather around the body laying on the floor and declare him dead.  Just like that. Lady Anda is grief stricken and cannot be comforted. And then, out of nowhere, a certain character arises and takes charge over the situation.

“No one move a muscle. Don’t touch this man!  I am the Great Bogdan, you are lucky I have come to this party. Even though I have only been a detective for a week I have solved thousands of murders…and all of you are now suspects. “

Everyone is now starring at the Great Bogdan as it is clear right away that the man is a bit off his rocker. Was it the alcohol that was making the man incoherent? Or was it something else? No one knew the man claiming to be a detective yet one by one they answered the poignant questions while he was obviously conducting an impromptu murder investigation. He goes on to say that the situation reminds him of a time when he was a child growing up in Cuba. Or was it Alaska?  No one could tell for certain what the man was saying. He then proceeded to eliminate suspects based on the first letter of their names. Then by the color of their clothes.

Madness”, cries Lady Anda! “This is just madness. I want justice for my beloved!

The Great Bogdan is now even more zealous and determined to find the killer and appease Lady Anda’s agitation. He goes on a rampage about people’s whereabouts just before arriving at The Manor. He’s claiming to have gotten his information from Facebook. Everybody is bewildered – what is this Facebook the detective is speaking of? And how does he know about all these so called” check-ins”?

But how was he killed?” cries Lady Anda. “Was he stabbed, shot, poisoned?”

The Detective now is building his theory around poisoning by pesticides. Sir Immanuel was drinking out of a cup when he collapsed. “It must have been poison”, declares the Great Bogdan.  And then he sees something shiny peering from under the couch. He digs and finds a knife. “Aha, I’ve been looking for a knife all night to cut the cheese”!   Silence in the room. The guests are in shock; had this man gone completely mad?

And then………Sir Immanuel’s body is moving. Some Ladies scream in horror again, others faint.  “What happened? says Sir Immanuel looking around the room. “I think I passed out from something.

All eyes are on the Great Bogdan who all of a sudden looks uncomfortable and embarrassed.

You see he is not dead!

How come no one checked to see if he was alive?!

I must go.

 The lights come back up.

=== THE END ===

Well kids, that was the plot according to the script. In reality, the Great Bogdan had a very thick Eastern European accent and was giggling all through the script making everybody around the room laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes (or perhaps their eyes were just glossy from the alcohol).  Either way, it has hysterical. Oh and during the murder investigation the dead man’s body kept changing positions as his body was getting numb against the wood floor I guess. Not to mention that he fell to the floor with his drink in his hand which never spilled but it did get emptied out by the time he came back to life.  

And here are the suspects:

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