The Newlyweds

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. At least I’m staying true to myself – the self-proclaimed queen of hobbies, completely sidetracked by a million of things. I own it though: I have the attention span of a 5 year old! Eh, I am who I am.

This time I blame my absence on so many things. Where do I even start?! Well I’ll start with the little but fun events. First, Immanuel and I did our first scavenger hunt. Oh man, if you’ve never done one you should try it! So much fun! We tried the CityScape Adventures ( which turned out to be a web of 12 puzzles and challenges in a citywide race to the finish line. So awesome!! Of course, it turned out to be on the hottest day of the year! We basically had to show up in teams of 2, in costumes (we were The Newlyweds), and were allowed to have a smartphone on us and about $10 each. The rest was all a mystery. So noon comes around and we’re all handed a piece of paper which listed about 8 or 9 challenges and riddles which we had to complete in any order we wanted. The remainder of the challenges were sent to us by text message from different locations, which of course we had to figure out. So much fun! And it was a good workout – we ran/walked about 7 miles all around town to solve and collect clues.

We finished in 02:09! We didn’t win the first, or second, or third place. Not even the 10th for that matter! Nor the costume contest! Booooooo:( But we spent the most amazing day. And now I know my city even better. Here are some shots from the race:


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