To jump or not to jump

I was telling you earlier that I’ve bee a little busy lately and I started by telling you about the scavenger hunt we’ve done. Well, we did lots of other stuff, like a 5K obstacle course at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. One word: painful! Well two words really: terribly painful! Fricking frick, I thought it would be a cool thing to do but I never imaged it would be that hardcore. At least for me. Immanuel, having served in the US Navy and having gone through lots of boot camps and trainings was really just hopping through the obstacles like a bunny on a carrot field. Me, not so much. At all. When I read the description of the race I somehow figured that if they’ll be over 40 obstacles within 3 miles then they must be scattered throughout the entire land stretch and it won’t be too bad. In reality, it was not at all like that. The 3-mile course was on paved roads and hard-packed dirt – flat and fast. Turns out we had to run 1 mile before we hit the actual obstacle course which in itself stretched over 1 mile. A whole mile of back-to-back obstacles including hay jumps, tunnel crawls, log hurdles, 6 ft walls, trenches, cargo net crawls, bayonet, planks, push up stations, etc.

A little taste before the race

And to make it really interesting there were over 60 USMC drill instructors at each station to make sure you complete the obstacles. That is sixty mean, lean, screaming machines that would get in your face – literally, you could feel their breath on your face, and scream at you from the top of their lungs making you feel like the world’s tinniest and weakest ant. Get up! Give me more! Eat dirt! Look at me! Don’t look at him! Move! Jump! Crawl! Don’t stop! This is not a walking alley! Don’t cry!

I’m not going to lie: I felt my lower lip quiver a couple of times and my eyes got warm and moist. Somehow 6 ft never felt so tall. There were so many of them and while I was fine jumping over the first 10 or so the more I jumped the higher and scarier they became. And God forbid I took a split second to breathe on top of one – no sir, because some mean drill sergeant would make me feel like a total wuss. Jump! Are you a little girl? Well, are you? I wanted to say to them “You can’t touch me, I’m a civilian! Nah nah nah nah nah nah! I felt like a 5 year old and wanted to act like one. But honestly I just said yes sir and no sir – I really did not want to get extra push ups! A million of them was enough as it was. Oh, oh and to make it really intense they aired machine gun sounds over the loud speakers. And did I mention it was a really, really hot day? About 100 degrees. It was great ~ sarcasm ~ and then, when you finally managed to finish the obstacle course there was, of course, another mile run to the finish line. The cherry on the cake. A sour cherry 😦

Long story short, we finished. Together. We crossed the finish line arm in arm. Me hanging by his arm, really. To Immanuel’s credit he was patient and supportive and while he could have finished on his own in record time he stayed by my side all 48 minutes and 26 seconds. In actuality I don’t think the time was THAT bad but it could have definitely been better. Perhaps next year. Just perhaps.


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