The Sisterhood

I won’t claim to understand how deep and close men’ friendships can be but I’m willing to bet that they’re nowhere near as glued as The Sisterhood! Girls will forever be girls and there’s nothing more girly than girls talking.                                        

And by talking girls build bonds which then can grow into friendships which ultimately become true Sisterhoods.

That is to say those that withstand the test of time and the weight of the emotional baggage we put on each other. Because, you know, we women come with ridiculous amounts of drama, emotions, feelings, fears, etc. (basically all those things that men run away from) that perpetually live in our pretty heads. So it is in our best interest to unload all of that onto someone who can handle and understand our gibberish – our pillar, The Sisterhood! Preferably over ridiculous amounts of wine!

Who else would hate you one day and love you the next? Typically not the men since by the time you managed to shoot yourself in the foot by constantly “sharing your feelings” about why the woman in line in front of you should have never worn that unflattering red sweater you would be single. You got it, your bestie will still be there!                                               

And who will act like a fool with you and hold back your hair when you’re sick?                           

Or take care of you the day after and pamper you like a princess?

Or hold your hand and wipe your tears when you a boy breaks your heart?              

So, for all of those reasons and many more, I am forever part of the Sisterhood! We eventually all get married and have babies (while therapists may come and go) but to me we will forever be just the girls. And as everyone knows, girls travel in packs, even if it’s just to go to the bathroom.


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