Elections vs. Movember

I’m not a US citizen and since the candidates weren’t featured on American Idol I was unable to cast my vote. But I’m glad it’s all over now – Facebook was becoming so annoying! Ugh! Too much anger and trash talking. Me no likey.

So I chose to shift my focus on what I can actually make a difference for the time being: testicles! Yup, testicles! 🙂 That’s what the month on November is about. As many of you know, Movember is a moustache growing charity event held during the month of November each year in order to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. And while it’s not an initiative directed towards my own health, I feel very strongly about my fiance’s testicles and prostate so I support it! 🙂 And so should you!

Exhibit A: Perma-stache on the September night he proposed

My fiance has registrered with Movember to help raise money and in doing so he is also growing a mustache during the entire month of November. And, for kicks, I am going to document the progress of his stache on my blog! What you need to know is that he can’t really grown much facial hair (aside for a perma-stache that he just can’t seem to escape) so this is going to be fun!! wink wink

So here is what it looked like on November 3rd:

And again today, November 7:

Ok ok I’m kidding. I told you he can’t really grow facial hair! Focus! So this is what he really looks like today, 11/7:

At any rate, I encourage all of you to support this charity. It’s a really good cause and benefits all of us, whether your’re a testicle-owner or not. You may check it out and donate at http://us.movember.com/.

*************************To be continued *************************


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