Murder Mystery – Act II

If you must know one thing about me that is that I am obsessed with murder mysteries! Obsessed! Since ever! Some may think it’s a bit creepy but I love it. So that’s that.  And if you’ve read you know that my fiancé and I hosted a murder mystery at our house recently. It was awesome – you should check out the murder mystery suspects revealed post.  

So now he surprised me with tickets to an actual murder mystery dinner and I am BEYOND excited!!!! I’ve been meaning to go to one for ages! The show is tonight and this is basically just a heads up that I’ll be back with the details!

PS 1 – Spoiler alert: The show is called Death at the Doo-Wop and it’s set as a 1957 prom! So we’re encouraged to wear our best poodle skirts, leather jackets and horned rim glasses!

PS 2 – We’re also encouraged to bring a clue book and a pen. How did they know that I would have brought these anyways? Oh, this is going to be such a nerd fest!

Stay tuned, kids!


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