In retrospect

This morning I realized that I couldn’t remember what the layout my of blog looked like! That’s how long it’s been since I’ve been on here. So sad! To my defense, I’ve been helping my fiancé write and manage his blog, Tie Chatter. So basically I’ve been busy writing about ties! 🙂 But so much more has happened since my last post! So here’s a brief summary:

  • We closed the month of November with a moustache charity party thrown by 198177_10151184832618740_440890265_nMovember to celebrate the close of the fundraising efforts for men’s cancer awareness month. Wow! Best costume party I’ve ever been to! We, of course, stayed true to our Latin roots and decided to go as Eduardo and Esmeralda.
  • December was a race!! Immanuel is a huge kid inside so we went from toy drive to toy drive all around the city! Best part was of 553758_10151167709643740_594132829_ncourse buying the toys – one afternoon we ended up spending over an hour in the Disney store. He was like a 5 year old on a sugar rush! And he loves, loves, loves Christmas so we went to an endless number of Christmas parties and events. We also threw our first Christmas/His dad’s birthday/His parents’ 40th wedding anniversary Party! It was awesome! We obviously like to celebrate!

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PS – And we watched The Elf close to 45 times during this month.

  • Then we left for Romania. Yup, time came for Mr. Fiancé to take a trip to the motherland and meet the roots of his beloved. And now he understands! A lot of things! Like why I love bread so much. He now calls me the Dough Lady. There were literally at least 4 baskets of fresh bread on each table at every restaurant. Even the soups came in bread bowls. And there were pretzels, doughnuts and pastry shops at each corner of the street. Dough. Dough. Dough. Dough. Dough. Yum! And then there was meat EVERYWHERE! You know how Italians hang their laundry to dry? Well Romanians hang their meat to dry also. And so there were sausages hanging at every window and balcony. Did I mention that Mr. Fiancé doesn’t eat meat? hahaha Let’s just say he’s had enough meat for a lifetime. I’ll come back with more details on this trip on a separate post.
  • Miscellaneous:

– Lost a crown, got it replaced, lost it again. My teeth are so sensitive 😦

– Got a pink snuggie for Xmas at a white elephant party – said snuggie now
resides in Romania (where it belongs).


– Started planning the wedding. Slow. Real slow. Getting married in seven months and no stress yet.  But I feel it coming. Soon. Real soon.



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