A bed & breakfast adventure!

Last night we decided that we wanted to get away from the city for the weekend and started looking for places to go to. We wanted something close where we could drive. Hmmm after a couple of hours of research we realized there weren’t that many options to pick from.

  • Big Bear was at the top of our list. Turns out we’re not that special – everybody must have Big Bear at the top of their list because there were literally no rooms available anywhere in Big Bear. And I mean ANYWHERE! Ridincuolous!
  • Orange County – been there, done that.
  • Los Angeles – been there, done that.
  • Las Vegas – too far. But tempted.
  • Palm Springs – eh, maybe?! But it’s mid January – don’t feel like getting in a bikini just yet.
  • Julian – no, thank you. Been there, done that and unless it’s nice and warm out there’s not a whole lot to do there. Unless you have an insatiable appetite for apple pie which (thank God) I don’t!
  • Idyllwild, CA – population 3,874 – TAKE ME THERE! We’ve been there once before with friends and it was a blast! The cutest little town, just under 2 hours from home, up in the San Jacinto Mountains. Just what the doctor prescribed!

I’ve never stayed at a bed and breakfast (B&B) before and I’ve been meaning to try one where a B&B would really be the way to go! Because, trust me, a B&B is the way to go in Idyllwild! Again, no idea what to expect but having been in that town before I can tell you the Hard Rock will not be opening there anytime soon. So staying in a quaint little inn by a creek sounds dreamy (and most likely the only choice)! Yayyy! So we booked a room and tomorrow morning we’re heading up there.

Will report live from there but in the meantime this is the lovely little inn we found:


Happy weekend, kids!



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