Life after Pony Express

So let me tell you what happened after Pony Express. There is an old book store that we discovered the first time we went there and which was on my Idyllwild-must-go-to-list. In true Idyllwild fashion, books were arranged by the author’s middle name initial – they thought that would make things more interesting. Say whaat?! Anyways, an hour later I found Agatha Christie and bought a few Poirot’s (I’m obsessed with her work so every old bookstore I go into I look for old editions of Papa Poirot).


By then it was around 3pm so it was time to check in the lovely B&B that we had booked, the Strawberry Creek Inn. Like I said before, I had never stayed in a B&B before and I was super excited to try it! We pull in and……oh, so pretty! So quaint, so warm and welcoming!  The B&B is owned and managed by Rodney and Ian who live and work at the Strawberry Creek Inn with their 4 small dogs, 1 to 2 semi-feral cats, bees, chickens, and various other animals and insects they’re known for taking in. This place is a little piece of heaven!

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After relaxing a little we decided we were hungry! It was merely 5:30 but we were ready for dinner! And let me tell you, EVERYBODY eats dinner at 5:30 in Idyllwild! We were told to try Gastrognome (or as locally called, the Gnome). Ohh, what a pleasant surprise the Gnome was! Completely unexpected! It doesn’t look like much from the outside but the Gnome is a charming and unpretentious restaurant with delicious food; anything from lobster, steak, lamb, seafood, pasta, and vegetarian. Definitely a good choice for dinner if ever in the area.

We then picked up a bottle of red wine and went back to the Strawberry Inn where we spent the perfect Saturday night: putting together a 300 piece puzzle while sipping good wine and eating dark chocolate. It was just perfect!

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Lastly, around 10:30 we retired to our room. And that, kids, concludes our Saturday night in Idyllwild. Will come back with Sunday’s adventures.



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