Apply Yourself – Posh Spice vs. Sporty Spice

My experience with working out is an on-going love-hate affair. Mostly hate. It’s a continuous attempt that has me going mad with fury! While growing up in a communist and post-communist environment there were no gyms or much of a health conscious movement. It was mostly a survival type of movement. Fast forward a few years, I find myself living in Southern California – the land of beautiful and fit people. Whether they like it or not, everybody eats well, exercises, enjoys outdoor activities and simply looks good. And if not everybody then at least the majority of people!

So since moving here about 5 years ago my life has been undergoing a slow transformation: it started with giving up bread. Oh la la la la la la how I love bread! But you know, it kind of gets to your hips so one day I discovered the miracle of flourless bread (Ezekiel) and never looked back. So what if it’s rubber? It’s a small price to pay, I say! Of course, when I dine out and they put a basket of freshly baked bread in front of me with olive oil and spices – then I don’t care which hips it goes to, I’m eating it! Also, one morning I woke up and realized that I hadn’t had any salami, sausages or much meat in a long time, except for the occasional chicken and seafood. This is huge for someone growing up in a meat and potato environment! When did I stop eating much meat? No clue. It just happened. Anyways, you get the idea.

And then, the most important transformation was the working out part. So I love comfort, as in the comfort of driving, cabbing it everywhere, and just lounging. Give l_d4484aae29daa4aa4115d76198d95f77me a long chair and an endless supply of cocktails and I’ve met my Jesus!! But even that has been affected by the silent but merciless Californialization process. One29
day I found myself taking spin classes as work! What the hell?! Then I find myself getting a membership at a local gym. And now, I’m engaged to the energizer bunny himself – my fiancé Immanuel is a hard core health nut who works out every day and loves the outdoors. So of course, now I go on hikes, do small races, even tried protein shakes (yuk, jossie grossie).

But let’s get something straight, every single time I put my sneakers on I’d rather be lounging with a cocktail! p.e.r.i.o.d. It is still a massive mental and physical effort to push myself towards doing something sporty. Like I’ve always said, I’m more Posh Spice than Sporty Spice. True, nowadays I get a huge satisfaction after I accomplish a physical challenge (like the 7 mile hike we just did yesterday in Idyllwild) but the actual performance kills me!!! I have been told by those close to me that I need to teach my mind and body to like it and that eventually I will enjoy it. Well, I’m not there yet but I sure am so much farther from where I started! And for that, I am proud of myself. Nice pat on my own back!! 🙂


Daily Prompt: Apply Yourself: Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.


6 thoughts on “Apply Yourself – Posh Spice vs. Sporty Spice

    • If I make it to 90 you know what I’ll have for my birthday dinner: lots of fresh bread and sausages! 🙂 Till then though I guess I’ll stick to lettuce! Great blog you have, by the way!


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