The joy of an adult conversation!

Have you noticed how we tend to have really easy, small conversations with our usual circle of friends? You know “oh girl, today work was insane” or “I can’t believe he hasn’t called yet” or “Oh dude, have you seen the new Iron Man movie?” That kind of conversation. Nothing wrong with it. At all actually! If anything, it proves comfort, a log-term friendship, and a really good, solid bond. Anyone’s dream, really, where you can meet a friend for drinks or a bite to eat as casual as you feel that moment. Maybe not sweats and no make up casual but you get my point.

But once in a while you make a new friend and you go out on what I like to call a “friend date” which is really a date without the sexual aspect to it. You dress up nicely, you get your hair and nails done, you eat slower than the usual and you slowly sip the wine that you would have otherwise finished a long time ago. Conversation flows in a nice and friendly yet polite tone, where you both get to say a little bit about yourselves and your background, while using nice expletives like darn and fricking, or oh my gosh. That kind of a friend date! Ahhh, so cute and innocent!! Now give it six months and then tell me if you’re still using words like darn:)

Anyways, my point is that we may actually like making new friends because it gives us a chance to bring to the table topics that have otherwise been buried a long time ago (you can only tell the same story so many times to your best friend!). And we may feed on the interest that new people show in us and the stories we have to tell. It’s almost like a high. The same sense of high that good ol’ flirting can give you.

So for that I say keep meeting new people, kids! It’s great for your social life and it’s great for your mental and emotional state! I know it makes me feel like I just started a brand new life in a brand new city and there’s nothing like it.



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