Fashion Alert: Lord Wallington has arrived!

Calling all my fashionistas out there! Being up to speed on the latest fashion trends, as I am sure you are, you must have noticed that men’s neck-wear is so in!

Lord Wallington bow tie

Lord Wallington bow tie

Everywhere you look, you see bow ties: beautiful, bright, happy bow ties smiling back at you on the street, in restaurants, at the theater, in clubs, lounges, patios, beach bars, just about everywhere! Once upon a time bow ties were simply a must-have garment at weddings, award ceremonies, and perhaps at university lectures where the respectable (yes, I mean old) professors would dust off their one good suit and necktie or bow tie for the occasion. Fast forward to 2013 and hello bow tie era!

Today we are seeing our San Diego men starting to be make more daring fashion choices, taking risks with color, patterns, and even fabrics, and adding a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual mainstream style. And to support these trends, here comes Lord Wallington, the first San Diego-based custom neck-wear line that brings forward a truly unique and bold collection. The business has been operating for a couple of years already, just under a different name; the new Lord Wallington brand came about after the founders, serious Downton Abbey enthusiasts, adopted a little poodle/terrier rescue mix named Wally whose good behavior and charm got him the regal prefix.

Lord Wallington founders

Lord Wallington founders

The talent behind the brand is Immanuel Ontiveros, a native Californian and US Navy veteran, whose innate fashion sense and style positioned him ahead of the trends. He has always loved bow ties, just not the ones that everyone else had access to from department stores. With no tailoring background, one day Immanuel bought a bow tie, took it apart and deconstructed its making. He then got in his car, drove to the nearest fabric and craft store and bought a sewing machine, came back home, cut off an old pair of pants and made his very first bow tie. And so a new craft was born.  Today he is mastering the art of custom neck-wear.

860100_504682992907029_1597179879_oBut like I said, the founder of Lord Wallington is a visionary and today, he is stepping out of the norms yet again by introducing a line for women as well. With that, he is also giving back to a cause very dear to him: animal rescue. On March 30, 2013 Lord Wallington is officially launching the new brand name, presenting a brand new collection to feature both men’s and women’s neck-wear, and taking this opportunity to raise awareness and funds for The Ark Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of animals from high-kill shelters.

So mark your calendars, fashionistas, and those of you in San Diego come toast a glass of champagne with Lord Wallington at the exquisite Vocabulary Boutique in Little Italy. They will also be raffling a tie at 7 p.m. to benefit The Ark Animal Rescue, so be there! For all others the new collection and event photos will be posted on Lord Wallington after the event.

Stay classy, kids!


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