Old World – The Beginning

Recently I have found a new love – the love of old things. I could try to figure out how this came about but honestly I don’t know. One day I just woke up wanting to go shopping for something different, something old and dusty. And in true womanly fashion, I wanted something romantic that had a story. So the following weekend my fiance and I went up North to visit his family and the hunt began! I went to obscure little, old places in the middle of nowhere hunting for stories. And I found quite a few.

I then decided to share these stories with others who may have the same love for old things. So I opened a little store on Etsy while I am working on putting together an online store on another platform. Plus, I realized that you can only fit so much in a 650 sq ft high rise condo:( Between my fiance’s piles of fabrics and sewing machines (yes, he has 4 – he makes custom neckwear just in case you were wondering) and my obsession with things it just became obvious I can’t keep all these treasures for myself. So Kill An Hour With Andaluza was born; a little baby business meant to basically keep my house clutter-free.

And I am going to tell you little stories about these treasures as Treasure Of The Week. Here is the first:

Antique 1950’s Lustreware Pink Rose Japanese Tea Set


This is so exquisite; the Japanese definitely knew their stuff! Mid-century porcelain can rarely be matched these days. Just go to any home decor store and try finding a nice tea set! Big disappointment; maybe because the art of tea and coffee has been lost in the recent decades but I see it coming back. As a woman who likes nice things I love drinking my coffee and my tea out of a porcelain cup rather than an ugly ceramic mug or a plastic cup.

The Japanese craftsmanship in the 40s and 50s was outstanding and while many manufacturers did not mark their pieces they are easily recognizable.

If interested you can buy it here.

It hurts me to part ways with this beautiful cup and saucer set but the idea of my next hunt thrills me!



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