Chinese Porcelain Tea Set Dragon & Phoenix

Ahhh I die when I think of this tea set!! It sold already and I miss it! I found this beautiful Chinese tea set while visiting family up in Northern California. My soon to be beautiful sister-in-law Christina took us treasure hunting in the outskirts of Sonora – so many quaint little places filled with exquisite rare finds. One of them was particularly generous with unique vintage tea sets and I brought back with me a couple of them. This Chinese set sold on Kill An Hour With Andaluza within hours of opening the store. It was so unique it lasted maybe five hours 🙂


Anyone who appreciates tea and tea rituals, or just admires beauty in general, will love this vintage 1970s Chinese Porcelain Tea Set Dragon & Phoenix Motif with gold trim. The size is also something that made this set so amazing: the teapot was only 5″ high while the delicate cups were 2 3/4″ diameter and together they sat on a porcelain serving tray of 10″ diameter. Not to mention is was in excellent vintage condition, with no cracks, flea bites, repairs, or any crazing.

It was simply P.E.R.F.E.C.T. and now someone somewhere in Virginia is the fortunate owner of it. Farewell, pretty tea set!





6 thoughts on “Chinese Porcelain Tea Set Dragon & Phoenix

  1. Dear sir,im have Chinese teapot set with dragon and Phoenix 1900s .I want sell it .any interest kindly email me urgent…


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