All Women Stalk – So True, So Me!

Like I didn’t already have so much going on in my life I just got another freelance writing gig with All Women Stalk! Yessss! I used to read AWS religiously until very recently when life got too busy.  So it was only natural that when I decided to do more freelance writing I went knocking on their door. Or website, is more like it! And they answered!

It went something like this: Knock knock. Who’s there? Well, um, um, you don’t know me but I really, really like your magazine. Would you, could you, maybe you could let me write something for you and see if you like it? Sure, let me see how you feel about dating and we’ll talk after. Pfffffft! Phleeeaze, I got this! Until recently I had been happily single for half my life. If there is something that I know really, really well is the ups and downs of singledom! Challenge accepted!

And that’s how Three Things To Avoid On A First Date was born. If you haven’t already read it and you’re single you might want to check it out. It’s good, if I may say so myself (cough cough). AWS thought so too so they gave me yet then another, more difficult challenge. Are you ready for this?  They asked me to write about vintage hairstyles. Whaaaaa? I mean who writes about vintage hairstyles, right? Well, I guess I do now. hahahahaha So here it is, my first article on AWS debuted yesterday and it’s called 7 Vintage Hairstyles That’ll Look Fabulous Even Today…You can read it on AWS right here.

Would really, really love to hear what you think. It’s my first writing gig of this nature and could use some encouragement or constructive criticism. But if plain ol’ hatin’ is what drives you these days,  I say no thank you but have a good day anyway! 🙂





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