A Non-Idiot’s Guide To Persimmons

From the Non-Idiot’s Guide series I bring you guys today persimmons. Ta-dah. I had never heard or seen them before until last week while browsing Trader Joe for some fresh fruit. I first thought they were tomatoes, like yellow heirloom tomatoes maybe, so I got really excited at the idea of making a nice tomato bisque. And then I held one. Ah, perhaps they’re not tomatoes after all, I figured. They were hard and super yellow and right next to the pomegranate; that alone should have been a clue but I was tired; I had just done my first work out after 3 weeks of honeymooning so I wasn’t thinking straight.


Anyways, another clue should have been the product tag that read pər-ˈsi-mən (that is for all my friends out there tempted to pronounce it Per Simon like I was). How’s that unclear? 


And you know me, I have to know everything about everything. So I bought one and took it home to dissect it. I was so excited. I love a little thrill like that; nothing excites me more than figuring out something completely new to me. And to others actually since I’ve never heard anyone around me ever say they’ve had a persimmon. The tag also enticed me to try it; it promised a soft, juicy flesh similar to a mango in taste but with a little spice. Aaaand it said it’s a product of US of A so there you have it, I was sold on a new adventure.

It’s hard to explain just how excited I get over little things like this. I get all giggly and start jumping around while pulling my shirt and making squeaky noises like a little hamster. It’s not pretty, let me tell you. But I get a huge kick out of experiencing new things so I don’t try to contain myself. So after I did my happy dance I took out a cutting board and the biggest, sharpest knife I have and got started. Here’s a sequence of events:

Step 1 – I just stared at it. It looked pretty. 

PersimmonStep 2 – cut the leaves on top

persimmonStep 3 – I just went to town on it basically



So then I got out a nice bottle of French rose wine we brought back from Provence as I figured it would pair well with the soft and juicy fruit.

IMG_6808-001And theeeeen……well I’m glad I tasted it before I opened the wine as I would have been pissed. My Per Simon was sweet as honey (and I hate honey) and not juicy like a mango as they said it would be. Eh, if I never have another persimmon I will be totally fine. Or maybe it wasn’t fully ripe, I don’t know. But I know that if you’re like me and don’t like stuff that’s super sweet then I think you can safely skip this fruit. Although it looks so pretty. I may just keep on buying them for home decor; I have this fruit bowl that would be just perfect for them.

So there you have it, kids. My first experience with persimmons. Let me know if you ever tried it and what you thought of it.




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