The Lord Of Handcrafted Neckwear

Some of you may know that my husband is an artisan who makes some incredibly awesome neckwear with an emphasis on bow ties. Case in point:

Lord Wallington

I have  shared some of his creations on this blog on a few occasions so if you like bow ties check out some of my posts under Fashion. Anyways, he has been getting a lot of public recognition recently and more and more magazines out there are starting to feature him and his amazing creations. And today I want to share his latest interview featured in Bed|Stü’s online magazine M7-37. And by the way, if you haven’t heard of Bed|Stü yet you should definitely check them out; they are an awesome vintage-inspired line of boots, shoes, and accessories. 

So check out the The Lord Of Handcrafted Neckwear article in M7-37 and hopefully you will be inspired. I know I am even though I have two left hands – to quote the article, the wife is more on the technology side:).

Thanks for checking it out!!




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