Shave And Shine, Gentlemen!

Today we have an awesome find for men in our store. It is a rare Gillette safety razor shaving kit in leather case with chromium plated containers made in England. The kit includes a brush, two shaving cream/powder holders (empty), a container with the Gillette safety razor (without blades), and a mirror. Stunning!

Vintage Gillette Safety Razor
The set does not appear to have ever been used and is in excellent condition. Also, the pieces are plated in chromium which is a metal that resists tarnishing so it doesn’t need any polishing. How awesome is that?!

Vintage Gillette Safety Razor

Vintage Gillette Safety Razor


As you can see this set is impeccable even though it was probably made sometime between 1931 and 1951 as that was the only timeframe where Gillette did not use razor serial numbers or date codes. Aside from Made in England and Gillette there are no other markings on this set.

The case measures 10 inches long and 5 inches high.

This is a great collectors’ piece or a gift for a man who have an appreciation for the old school art of shaving. If interested you may buy it on my Etsy store.




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