We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Ah the great Oz!! I came across this really cool edition of the classic “The Wizard Of Oz” and just had to get it for my store. Printed in Italy in 1986 this is a hardcover edition in excellent condition.

Vintage Wizard of Oz

Vintage Wizard of Oz

It is 13 ½ inches tall, 10 inches wide and a quarter of an inch thick. In my opinion this is the perfect size for a children’s book – the illustrations are retro, classic and, therefore, really cool! 

Vintage Wizard of Oz

None of the pages are torn, missing (except for the intro page which I think might have been blank anyways) or folded. There are no marking on this book either.

Vintage Wizard of OzVintage Wizard of Oz
This makes a great Christmas gift for a child or just a great edition to have for the sake of owning an awesome classic. Buy it in my store now for only $23. This won’t last long 🙂

Keep reading, kids! 🙂




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