Not yet Xmas – Part I – Porcelain Place Cards & Napkin Ring Set

What do you mean it’s not Christmas yet? I promise you that here in Southern California we went from summer to winter literally overnight. Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny, 80 degrees day to a low 60s gloomy, rainy day. Blah. I’m not happy about it:( I don’t even own an umbrella and I am wearing one of the 3 sweaters I own on my life! I honestly don’t know that many Southern Californians actually own sweaters and rainy clothing thingies. Again, blah.

No, that's not me!

No, that’s not me, be serious!

So today I feel like making the fire in the fireplace (not that I have one, mind you), wear an ugly red and green sweater and eat fatty stuff that only at Christmas I eat without feeling like I committed a mortal sin. Oh and drink lots and lots of red wine. Fine, so it’s not Christmas yet but I bet you that there are lots of amazing housewives out there who are already making lists of stuff they need to host the next annual family Christmas dinner.

And for them I started stocking up my Etsy store with Christmas stuff!    

And here is the first one: a lovely set of porcelain 4 place card & 4 napkin ring holiday set made in Japan for the Mervyn’s Department Store chain that has since closed. This set is called “A Holiday Tradition” and includes 4 each of the place cards and napkin rings in a beautiful Christmas pattern. I see no sign that they have ever been used and are in excellent condition and in their original box.

Christmas place cards and napkin ringsChristmas place cards and napkin rings

The napkin rings stand 1 ½ inches tall while the place cards are approx. 2 ½ inches long and 1 inch tall. 

The place cards are self standing and reusable – you may use little stickers to indicate guest names or dishes served, or even use a dry eraser that can be wiped off.

So if you’re one of these amazing hands on hostesses please visit my Etsy store and check out this awesome place cards and napkin ring set and all the other great vintage housewares I have on sale right now.

Until then, XOXO


Christmas place cards and napkin rings

Christmas place cards and napkin rings


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