Spanish Porcelana De Rey Soup Tureen

I was just telling you I got married in Paris about a month ago. Yaaayyy:) While in Paris and then honeymooning in Southern France and Spain I shopped for vintage and antique treasures for my store here in the US. And I found a few. Here’s my most favorite:

I found this amazing treasure in Barcelona. It is a really stunning soup tureen with thick gold rims and gilded bowl handles and lifting handle. The fine detailing in the gold trim is exquisite and the vivid green and the small floral bouquets create a perfect contrast against the white fine porcelain. 

Vintage Soup Tureen

Vintage Soup Tureen

This is what you use if you want to impress your guests, particularly with the holidays approaching. Is it one of the most beautiful and romantic dishes I’ve seen. It screams royal, class and old world. Would look amazing on the dinner or even lunch table.

It stands approximately 7 inches tall with the lid on, 9 inches wide from handle to handle and has a capacity of 4 cups. It is in great vintage condition, no chips or cracks and the interior is spotless clean. As you can see from the photos there is minimal fading of the gold on the handles but on the opening of the bowl but not significant enough to take away from its beauty.

 Vintage Soup Tureen
The mark on the bottom shows a green wreath and reads Porcelana de Rey which means top quality porcelain (in a literal translation it actually means Porcelain of the King but which in this case I believe it means fine/pure porcelain). The letters R and S, as well as a diamond shape symbol are written within the wreath. 
Vintage Soup TureenVintage Soup Tureen

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I would actually totally keep this one for myself but my husband would probably go nuts since I already have a pretty impression collection of vintage china. *sigh* So it’s now available for sale on my Etsy storeI hope to find a good, loving home for it; whoever owned it prior must have loved it because it was used for a lot of care.  Buy it here if interested.



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