Introducing Hair Pomade By Lord Wallington

Dapper is in; scruffy is out. No doubt about that. Women these days appreciate men who take the time and interest in making themselves look good. There is something so sexy about a well groomed man walking with confidence in a sharp, slim suit or any kind of fitted clothes, styled hair and (don’t hyperventilate here) carrying a manly tote. Some women out there still believe that men carrying totes is a little strange but personally I don’t like seeing men’n pants bulging in strange places from all the stuff they carry.  You can’t tell me this doesn’t look good:

Hair Pomade For Men

So just recently Lord Wallington came out with an all natural hair pomade for men that makes hair look slick, neat and shiny. No petroleum, just natural oils, butters and wax, and discreetly scented with sandalwood and lavender. Both sandalwood and lavender essential oils have great benefits for hair:

  • Sandalwood oil provides nourishment to hair roots and scalp, improves blood circulation to hair follicles, and prevents damage to hair and dandruff.
  • Lavender oil is among the commonly used aromatherapy oils as it is extremely effective in treating hair loss, not to mention that research has revealed that the essential oil of lavender may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia and depression.

So next time you need hair product consider this Lord Wallington hair pomade which retails here for only $12. Another really cool thing about using this pomade is that it is an all natural artisan product handmade in USA so you will be supporting a small, local business.

Hair Pomade For Men

Hair Pomade For Men

Hair Pomade For Men

Hair Pomade For Men


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