Standing Tall

You can drink your tea or coffee from a random mug…..or you can savor it from something as beautiful and delicate as this vintage set:

Antique 1940s-1950's Lustreware Pink and Gold Japanese Tea Set

Beautiful and unique hand painted cup and saucer tea set! The cup stands 3 1/2 inches tall while the saucer has a diameter of 6 inches. Both the cup and saucer are in excellent vintage condition. There are no markings on the cup or saucer but the craftsmanship, colors and patterns are indicative of Japanese origin. Or maybe Bavaria? 


10294508_642163002532930_5161792614151572698_nBut whether it’s Japan or Bavaria I suspect this set to have been made sometime circa 1940s – 1950s. And it’s in great vintage condition; no chips or cracks. I only have one set available and if interested to see more photos you can find it in my store here.





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