Pretty Hair, Pretty Girl

Hubby and I out on the town

Hubby and I out on the town

You know how your hair gets all boring, flat and dull during the winter? Ugh I hate dull hair. My hair is my favorite asset to be honest; I just love my long and sexy vixen hair. Grrrrrr 🙂  No matter what else is bugging me that day, if I have pretty, flowy  hair I still feel hot and awesome!! Even at 5 months pregnant, thank you very much. So between the dry winter air and the colony of pregnancy hormones recently taking over my body you would think I do some extra magic to maintain my sexy mane. This is what it looks on a regular day – pretty shiny, right?  

And because I receive a lot of compliments on my hair’s texture and shine I decided to share the very simple regimen I follow. Honestly, I’m very low maintenance when it comes to my hair because I have lots of it and it’s rather very long so it takes me a couple of hours to wash, blow dry and style it. So the steps I need to take the better. 

So I have to say that my hair has seen a significant improvement in texture and  shine since I started using my own shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Yes, I am plugging my own business but I have personally benefited from these awesome hair products.  First of all, those of you who have been reading my blog know that I am constantly looking for a more natural approach to beauty and one cannot completely avoid chemicals  – besides, not all artificial ingredients are  bad for you. Anyway, one pledge I made a few years ago was to never use any products with parabens in them and so my shampoo is a paraben free formula with rich and nutritious ingredients that gently cleanse and nourish my hair. It contains Hawaiian Awapuhi extract, vitamin E and a vitamin B complex that keeps my hair looking all healthy. Also, my shampoo does not have Sodium Lauryl Sulfat (SLS) – the really harsh surfactant that helps create the lather in detergents and shampoos. Some people love sulfate free shampoo but I love the foam so I use Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate which is supposed to be more gentle on the skin. Then I follow with my conditioner which is enhanced with plant oil extracts and voila! Told you it was simple. But the secret is in how you nourish your hair. There are so many pretty looking, great smelling hair products out there but rarely you find one that works great for your hair and does’t break the bank – my shampoo & conditioner set is only $26 (or you can buy them individually for $15). 

Currently they come in Grapefruit Lily (smells ah-mazing!!), Jasmine Bloom, Provence Dusk, Nude (unscented – really great for those with fragrance allergies) , Tea Tree Oil and Magnolia Dreams, but I have a lot more fragrance options for those who like custom orders. So check out my Andaloo Etsy store and let me know what you think!!




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