How did I get here?

If I’m to pick one thing that’s been constant in my life so far, aside from my amazing family of course, I must go with my BFF Anca. I know I know, Anca…Anda…who named us, right? Well to make things even more ridiculous her sister is named Ana so the three of us going out together has always been a riot. The three of us have known each other since Anca and I were in our early teenage years. My BBF and I bonded right away and become inseparable – in our single days we used to joke about ourselves as being a promotional package – you buy one you get one free. Needless to say we were the cause of some girl-on-girl fantasies for a lot of adolescent boys. But to set the record straight: we never went that way. Word! So when my BFF moved to Las Vegas I suddenly found myself feeling lonely and incomplete. Who was I going to get lunch with? Or party with? Or drive to work every morning since my BFF couldn’t be trusted to drive a car around Bucharest at the time. Terrifying. But like the lyrics of a gypsy song we used to listen to back in the day we seemed to be “united in our destinies” as a couple of years later life put me on a plane to Vegas. The story behind how I got to that point is now irrelevant though at the time it really seemed to be a fairytale. But I digress, back to my flight. It is now 2012 and I can’t for the life of me remember the flight number because I really wanted to use it as my blog title. Instead, I’m using the number 85 which is the birth year of my boyfriend – that’s a separate story to come soon. So there, FLT 85 is the symbol of what I call my Second Life, the life that started on the evening of March 10, 2004 when my flight landed in Las Vegas. Or  March 14, I can’t really remember 🙂 

My BFF and I @ Whiskey Bar circa 2004


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