Anda’s Kitchen

My favorite room of the house is the kitchen. And not just mine but any kitchen. There is something so social and inviting about a kitchen. Did you notice that no matter how small the kitchen that’s where people always seem to gravitate towards? I live in a high-rise condo in the downtown area so space is limited (though the trade off is totally worth it for me). Still, I entertain often and somehow the kitchen seems to always become the center of our universe. That’s where we shake cocktails, take pictures and simply mingle. And there’s also something homey and  inviting about a kitchen that makes most of us think of our moms, of our grandmas, of our childhood, and anything that’s sweet, and loving, and untained.  So that’s where you’ll find me most of the time; if I were to live in a humongous palace and you would have trouble finding me go to the kitchen (and if I’m not there look for me in bed where most likely I’m reading)! Naturally I don’t just hang out in the kitchen – I also poach, broil, scramble, sauté, roast, bake, or prepare something pretty much every day. My dream is to have a huuuge beautiful kitchen!! The rest of the house can be teeny tiny:) If I could attach a huge kitchen to my condo I would never need to move again. I would simply put the kids in the kitchen too and make it A KITCHSERY!

And because I seem to (happily) spend half my life in the kitchen I will share some of my kitchen adventures with you.

My dream kitchsery.

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