The perfect giveaway

My lovely friend and fashion blogger Vanessa Balli is currently celebrating her blog’s 2 year anniversary and is hosting a great giveaway that I just have to share! It includes some of my amazing Andaloo spa products like the Vanilla and Rose Petals Botanical Bath Salts, Lavender Chamomile Natural … Continue reading

Shop ‘N’ Sip

Let’s be serious, shopping + sipping cocktails + being pampered with spa treatments = every girl’s dream. Mine included, I won’t lie. So when I found out that this is happening in my city on February 27 I jumped on it. I … Continue reading

The Lord Of Handcrafted Neckwear

Some of you may know that my husband is an artisan who makes some incredibly awesome neckwear with an emphasis on bow ties. Case in point: I have  shared some of his creations on this blog on a few occasions … Continue reading

1950s Elizabeth Arden “Ardena Invisible Veil” Powder Box

While honeymooning in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago I went to Mercat Del Encants, one of Barcelona’s largest and best loved flea markets to look for treasures for my Kill An Hour store. And I found a few! Among … Continue reading

The Day I Said I Do

Three weeks ago I said I Do to my love in the Gardens of Luxembourg in Paris. It is really hard to describe just how perfect and romantic is was. So I will wait for another time when words decide … Continue reading


A masterpiece in my opinion is something that is striking in its apparent simplicity yet the intricacies of it are very vast. And to me, this bow tie from Lord Wallington is a masterpiece.

All Women Stalk – So True, So Me!

Like I didn’t already have so much going on in my life I just got another freelance writing gig with All Women Stalk! Yessss! I used to read AWS religiously until very recently when life got too busy.  So it was only … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Nothing screams hot summer days than gold glittery nail polish!! It doesn’t get any girlier than this!


Vintage Christmas Brooch/Pin With Red, Green And White Rhinestones

How adorable is this pin? I love it! I came across this beautiful vintage Christmas pin this weekend while treasure hunting and while I know it’s only the middle of the summer I couldn’t help it and I got all … Continue reading

Happy 4th And Happy Birthday!

Today our little Wally turns 3! Isn’t he the most handsome munchkin ever? And of course he’s wearing one of our Lord Wallington bow ties to honor ‘Merica!!!! So happy birthday Wally and happy birthday America!!!

The Double Breasted Blazer

The double-breasted blazer….is back! What a classic look with a modern touch with the tailored fit. If you do not have any lying around Zara has two double-breasted blazers in stock at an affordable price from $99.00 to $189.00. Their navy … Continue reading

San Diego’s Fifth Annual “IT” Fashion Show

On May 30, 2013 The Art Institute of California – San Diego put together their Fifth Annual “IT” Fashion Show where enrolled fashion design and marketing students showcased their collections. The show took place on the USS Midway Aircraft, a carrier that was … Continue reading

Me and Naeem Khan

This week I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, Naeem Khan, whose designs are worn by anyone who is anyone, such as our First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, … Continue reading

My love affair with tulle

No fabric says “I am a girl and I love to flirt” like tulle does! I am completely, head over heels, and forever enamored with tulle. And tulle + couture = any girl’s dream! Dior Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2012    

Ashlee Simpson is all grown up

Ashlee Simpson has grown into a beautiful young woman and I for one am very impressed with her transformation over the last few years. The 28-year-old looked absolutely exquisite last Monday at the 2013 American Ballet Theater Opening Night Spring Gala at NYC’s … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fashion Patterns

Ahh what a brilliant idea for a photo challenge!! Check out some of my favorite patterns used by designer Immanuel Ontiveros for Lord Wallington in his handcrafted custom bow ties:

Fashion Week, Here I Come!!!

Look what I got!!! It’s a backstage VIP experience for two to Fashion Week of San Diego coming up in September. I’m soooo excited for two reasons: (i) I get to go to every single event of the Fashion Week, … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

One of my favorite photo challenges as I LOVE COLOR! Nothing makes an outfit pop more than a bright colored accessory, whether it is a shoe, a pair of earrings, a clutch or, why not, a women’s feather bow tie! If … Continue reading

It’s raining bow ties


Get ready, set, go!

Contestant 7 - Oliver Lang: Raised first six years in west Africa. His mother being a colorful hippie Peace Corps volunteer and father being an English gentlemen, who never owned a pair of jeans in his life. He travels the world competing in paintball events, which allows him to pick up fashion trends and cultural items. Both his travel and upbringing have groomed his style which he says combines 1970s Colombian drug lord, meets Native American hippy pirate with a splash of frank Sinatra

Today the San Diego-based VIXEN Pop Up Boutique is hosting its First Annual “San Diego’s Most Stylish Man” Runway and Trunk Show! Finally a local fashion runway for our men where ten ravishing San Diegans will strut their stuff and … Continue reading

Only Marc Jacobs!

So I know this is an old picture but I keep starring at it – Marc Jacobs and Milla Jovovich,  taken at the 2012 Costume Institute Gala aka the Met Ball or Gala, which is the annual ball celebrating the … Continue reading

Fashion Alert: Lord Wallington has arrived!

Calling all my fashionistas out there! Being up to speed on the latest fashion trends, as I am sure you are, you must have noticed that men’s neck-wear is so in! Everywhere you look, you see bow ties: beautiful, bright, … Continue reading

Neckwear for a cause

Lord Wallington, a fabulous custom neckwear business was spotted at SideBar in San Diego, CA fundraising for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Young Professional Committee. Way to go, LW!!


Women’s love affair with edgy fashion

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably noticed that bow ties and neckties are the latest rage in both men’s and women’s fashion. And rightfully so as they can make an outfit pop just like a pair of … Continue reading

Must have heels

I have the pink ones but I honestly want them all!!! So versatile and light! 


Tie and bow ties for everyone!!

Originally posted on Lord Wallington:
If you have a craft and take immense pleasure in that craft you must know that it pains me to sell my ties and bow ties for less than what they’re worth. However, I started my…

The Power of Orange

For those of you with a love for fashion and color you should check out my fiance’s blog post today about The Power of Orange – it’s all about this exquisite bow tie!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Green is actually one of my favorite colors and when I think of color I think of fashion! I think of the softness of the fabric, the amazing sense of beauty we feel when we’re fashionable, and the confidence it gives us! And with that in mind, isn’t this bow tie exquisite?


I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel…Just trying to make a better looking one!

Great post from my fellow blogger (and fiance for that matter, cough cough). Check it out here: I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel…Just trying to make a better looking one!. He really does great unique pieces! No one else will … Continue reading

Breaking the boundaries of men’s fashion – bow ties

I believe that rules and boundaries are meant to be pushed and sometimes broken. Not the ones that hurt us emotionally or that have the potential of putting us behind bars but the ones that society puts in place in the name of the “natural order of things“. You know, like the concept that the pantsuit was “inappropriately masculine clothing for women”. Then came Yves Saint-Lauren who in 1966 introduced his Le Smoking, an evening pantsuit for women that mimicked a man’s tuxedo. What a triumph! What a success!

And today, everyday, you see men proudly sporting murses, man-scarves, mandals, etc. J Et voilà, if they can wear my stuff then I can wear their bow ties too!

1930s fashion was sucky sucky

My BFF in the whole wide world lives in Las Vegas and today she’s coming to visit! Yayyy!! Anca and I go back a looooong time – too long to mention. Yes, yes, we’re Anda and Anca. We’re like an old married couple by now; an old, well-synched friendship machine! You know how girls are: we cry, laugh, fight, hug, shop, drink and drop together. So this weekend I am ecstatic to have her here with me for 4 whole days! Which translates to 3 nights of sleeping on the couch for my boyfriend and the dogs:) I’m lucky that way, my boyfriend is the most understanding man and a real gentleman. Can’t remember if I told him about the couch situation yet though. If I didn’t….thank you babe, I know you’re reading this!! 🙂

Anyways, she’s coming over this weekend to attend the Murder Mystery dinner party we’re hosting on Saturday. Omigod omigod omigod I’m so excited! First thing on the agenda is shopping for 1930s dresses because the dinner party is themed as such. Big disappointment to see what 1930s fashion looked like…umm really not flattering to short girls. I mean what was up with that horrific length and all those long, loose ruffles? Just Google 1930s fashion and you’ll see what I mean. Ugh terrible. I mean, if you’re tall and have no curves then I’m sure you could pull it off. But I’m a hobbit and long skirts are just hideous on me and make me look even shorter and rather square. Blah! And then the hair; good lord! It was all flat and close to the head with finger waves. I am not dressing up like an old spinster, let’s just make that clear!

Spinsterhood alert! Must avoid at all cost!

So I will need to come up with something clever. Nothing comes to mind right now. But I will follow up with photos and details from the dinner party. Stay tuned kids!