the past + the present = harmony

I am a Romanian-born, American-adopted, and newly discovered free spirit with a huge appetite for everything that’s new. I am a woman of many interests but with no particular hobbies which allows my mind to stay constantly excited. My next adventure is my next thrill!

My husband and I live by our own rules

My husband and I live by our own rules

A few years ago I decided to leave the monstrous law firm days behind me and now I’m all about finding and maintaining a healthy and happy balance in my life. Best decision ever – now I’m as happy as a clam! I have a new love on my arm, two beautiful dogs named Mushu and Wally, a custom neckwear fashion line Lord Wallington together with my husband and I’m ready to conquer the world while creating and enjoying moments of simple joy and happiness. And by simple I mean getting married in Paris and gallivanting the South of France and Spain for rare and amazing finds. Yes, yes, you can take the girl out of Europe but you can’t take the Parisian nights away form the girl.

I created Kill An Hour With Andaluza as a place where I bring your distant memories to life. Remember that old blue decanter your grandfather used to have when you were a child? And do you remember your mother’s perfume when she used to get all dressed up and take you to the fair? If you close your eyes you can almost touch that decanter and smell its intoxicating scent. The romance of those times is something that we all try to recreate in our daily lives and here we created a world that can help you re-live those times.

So thank you to those of you who often visit my store and encourage me to continue to build Kill An Hour With Andaluza.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! It makes me beyond happy when a customer finds a place for one of my treasures in their home.  

Wedding in Paris

Snapshot of my fairy tale wedding in Paris…..

Paris wedding


My great great great great great great great grampa was Dracula

Doh! I was so excited and nervous about writing my first post that I now realize I’ve completely forgotten to tell you the origin of that infamous FLT85. So here it is: I come from a faraway land in the South-East part of Europe named Romania or as commonly known in North America “where Dracula and gymnasts come from“. I tell everyone who asks me if I’m a gymnast that I’m indeed stiff as a board and not to waste their time as the pretzel will never happen!  And then inevitably I’m asked about Dracula. When that happens I pretty much always think of all the money my mother spent in my teenage years on private tutors to properly educate me on Romanian history, which would have been better spent on shoes and bags because those would have at least lasted me a while. My memory of Romanian rules did not – it faded about an hour after each tutoring session.  Way too many rulers, wars and empires! Ugh, history was my highschool terror! ! But that’s the downside of the Old Continent, too much history to memorize. So anyways, I was born and raised in Romania which is a beautiful country by the Black Sea where girls are pretty and the food amazing (but totally fattening)! Needless to say these days I’m all Californianized so I eat a lot of salads and barely any meat. A sad existence, I know 😦  But the tradeoff is really good though – I look younger and prettier (yes, yes, modesty is overrated) than I did in my 20s and I have a gorgeous younger boyfriend to prove it! So Dracula, you can suck it! Literally! 🙂

What people think he looked like and what he really looked like!

FLT85 to Las Vegas

If I’m to pick one thing that’s been constant in my life so far, aside from my amazing family of course, I must go with my BFF Anca. I know I know, Anca…Anda…who named us, right? Well to make things even more ridiculous her sister is named Ana so the three of us going out together has always been a riot. The three of us have known each other since Anca and I were in our early teenage years. My BBF and I bonded right away and become inseparable – in our single days we used to joke about ourselves as being a promotional package – you buy one you get one free. Needless to say we were the cause of some girl-on-girl fantasies for a lot of adolescent boys. But to set the record straight: we never went that way. Word! So when my BFF moved to Las Vegas I suddenly found myself feeling lonely and incomplete. Who was I going to get lunch with? Or party with? Or drive to work every morning since my BFF couldn’t be trusted to drive a car around Bucharest at the time. Terrifying. But like the lyrics of a gypsy song we used to listen to back in the day we seemed to be “united in our destinies” as a couple of years later life put me on a plane to Vegas. The story behind how I got to that point is now irrelevant though at the time it really seemed to be a fairytale. But I digress, back to my flight. It is now 2012 and I can’t for the life of me remember the flight number because I really wanted to use it as my blog title. Instead, I’m using the number 85 which is the birth year of my boyfriend – that’s a separate story to come soon. So there, FLT 85 is the symbol of what I call my Second Life, the life that started on the evening of March 10, 2004 when my flight landed in Las Vegas. Or  March 14, I can’t really remember 🙂

My BFF and I @ Whiskey Bar circa 2004