A Non-Idiot’s Guide To Persimmons

From the Non-Idiot’s Guide series I bring you guys today persimmons. Ta-dah. I had never heard or seen them before until last week while browsing Trader Joe for some fresh fruit. I first thought they were tomatoes, like yellow heirloom … Continue reading

Ptitim or as we all call it Israeli Couscous

If you’ve never had Israeli couscous you must definitely give it a chance! It’s one of those things that may appeal to many as in itself it’s tasteless. But because of that it’s extremely versatile, just like any other pasta as that’s … Continue reading

Heirloom Tomato Bisque

I love heirloom tomatoes! Love them! Particularly the miniature ones that come in different colors! What a treat! So the other day I had a box of those in my fridge and decided to turn them into a bisque. And … Continue reading

To cake or not to cake!

We have slowly (and I mean very slowly) started to plan our wedding. And not knowing where to start we started with the cake! On Saturday we confirmed the cake and we are now planning the whole wedding around the cake! … Continue reading

Lavash Flatbread aka Low Calorie Deliciousness

Like everyone else out there I came out of the holidays with fuller cheeks and a rounder butt so I’m being a little more careful about my calorie intake these days. The other day I made this amazingly delicious flatbread … Continue reading

Chicken Tarragon Soup

My grandma used to grow tarragon in her garden and while I distinctively remember tarragon’s very particular taste I can’t seem to remember what she would make with it. I haven’t had tarragon in many years until I recently came … Continue reading

A non-idiot’s guide to open a pomegranate

Ah, the beautiful and sweet pomegranate! How exotic, how different and unlike any other fruit! And yet, in my opinion, the pomegranate is a bit of an underdog of the world of fruit! And I LOVE fruit! I first saw … Continue reading

My kitchsery

My favorite room of the house is the kitchen. And not just mine but any kitchen. There is something so social and inviting about a kitchen. Did you notice that no matter how small the kitchen that’s where people always … Continue reading

Dirty vs. Clean

A big part of my Californianization process was expanding my vocabulary with words like organic, home-grown, cage free, gluten free, grass fed, etc., you get the idea. Mind you, I had just experienced Vegas where I learned words like calories, … Continue reading