Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

I must comply with this week’s photo challenge so I am sharing my favorite selfie with the love of my life. Advertisements

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

I don’t often drink tea in the morning but when I do I use this vintage Chinese Millefleur Famille Noire Tea Set Beautiful enamel Millefleur Famille Noire and floral pattern vintage Chinese porcelain teapot with cover and three tea cups. … Continue reading

Paris, I am all yours!

One more week until I get to say I DO to the love of my life in Paris!  Some say weddings are stressful but I am determined to have a carefree one full of love and fun!


A masterpiece in my opinion is something that is striking in its apparent simplicity yet the intricacies of it are very vast. And to me, this bow tie from Lord Wallington is a masterpiece.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Nothing screams hot summer days than gold glittery nail polish!! It doesn’t get any girlier than this!


Weekly Photo Challenge

I thank my lucky starts every day for blessing me with the most loving, handsome and frickin’ adorable companions EVER!!!  Exhibit A, my fiance who likes to play at Ikea during lunch breaks; Exhibit B, Mushu, aka the Humpor, and Wally, … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fashion Patterns

Ahh what a brilliant idea for a photo challenge!! Check out some of my favorite patterns used by designer Immanuel Ontiveros for Lord Wallington in his handcrafted custom bow ties:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

One of my favorite photo challenges as I LOVE COLOR! Nothing makes an outfit pop more than a bright colored accessory, whether it is a shoe, a pair of earrings, a clutch or, why not, a women’s feather bow tie! If … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

My LOVE is when you’re so in sync that you both show up for dinner with friends wearing the same outfit! My fiance and I now call each other if we need to meet up rather than leave the house together. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

These, I promise, were the words of this man while trying to convince me I must give him a chance and let him take me out. And now we’re getting married in seven months!!! 🙂 So yes, looking beyond what … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Green is actually one of my favorite colors and when I think of color I think of fashion! I think of the softness of the fabric, the amazing sense of beauty we feel when we’re fashionable, and the confidence it gives us! And with that in mind, isn’t this bow tie exquisite?


Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

My boyfriend, Immanuel, walking our dog Mushu on a rainy day. Can you tell Mushu is a California baby? He doesn’t do well in the rain! lol

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Free spirits live forever!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Where Earth and Sea creatures meet!