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♣ House of Andaloo ♣ 

Recently I have found a new love – the love of old things. I could try to figure out how this came about but honestly I don’t know. One day I just woke up wanting to go shopping for something different, something old and dusty. And in true womanly fashion, I wanted something romantic that had a story. So the following weekend my fiance and I went up North to visit his family and the hunt began! I went to obscure little, old places in the middle of nowhere hunting for stories. And I found quite a few.

I then decided to share these stories with others who may have the same love for old things. So I opened a little store on Etsy while I am working on putting together an online store on another platform. Plus, I realized that you can only fit so much in a 650 sq ft high rise condo:( Between my fiance’s piles of fabrics and sewing machines (yes, he has 4 – he makes custom neckwear just in case you were wondering) and my obsession with things it just became obvious I can’t keep all these treasures for myself. So House of Andaloo was born; a little baby business meant to basically keep my house clutter-free and find forever homes for these collection pieces.

And I am going to show you these beautiful one of a kind treasures and tell you little stories about them. So check them out and let me know if you like them. Would love to hear some feedback! XOXO



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