Home Spa In A Jar – Rose Clay Bath Salts

Home Spa In A Jar – a luxurious and mineral-rich blend of Dead Sea Salt // Pink Himalayan Salt // Epsom Salt // Dendritic Salt // Rose Clay and topped with dried rose petals and lavender buds. To complete the spa experience, I added a rich oil … Continue reading

Candles + Mason Jars + Tins

I love candles. I love candles. I love candles. Nuff said! So I started making my own and now I am making them available in my Etsy store. With all the fragrances available today vanilla still reigns supreme! This soy candle … Continue reading

Pinkify Your Kitchen

Listen, I don’t care what they say, a girl can never have enough pink! Even tomboys dream in pink. So in true girly fashion I decided I needed more pink in my kitchen and I started by painting my wooden … Continue reading

Martha Stewart In Training

First the wire ring now a pillow!! Try stopping me, Martha! I am on a roll! lol Truthfully I am starting to enjoy exploring my creativity which is not something you often hear from lawyers. But I am determined to … Continue reading

My pretty little wire ring!

My pretty little wire ring!

Yesterday I decided I wanted a new hobby and I chose jewelry making. And this is my first (ok, second) attempt at making a wire ring! Tah-Dah!!!