Pretty Hair, Pretty Girl

You know how your hair gets all boring, flat and dull during the winter? Ugh I hate dull hair. My hair is my favorite asset to be honest; I just love my long and sexy vixen hair. Grrrrrr 🙂  No matter what else is bugging me that … Continue reading

Blurb of the Day

Posting just because it’s March 21, 2013


Pamper your skin

If your skin is as dry as mine I am sure it’s constantly craving moisture! I mean constantly! One of my biggest challenges while moving to the States has been to find a good cleansing milk for makeup removal that prevents my face from falling off after using it. 🙂 While in Romania it seemed that all makeup removing solutions were of a milky consistency here most of the products are really just high concentrations of soap and water. And soap does not go well on my face! It dehydrates it terribly and leaves it harsh and itchy. No bueno. For the first few years I had my mom send me the old L’Oreal cleansing milk I had used since my teen years. But when my Californialization process began I started to pay attention to the ingredients in my daily beauty routine products and discarded everything that contained parabens. And so my new challenge began – finding affordable, paraben-free products that were also a good match for my skin. And I found a few that my skin is now in love with! Here’s the scoop on the first one:

The Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk


One day at Ulta I was introduced to the Juice Beauty line, a California based, USDA certified organic line of beauty products free of parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. I didn’t know what all of these substances were exactly but I knew I didn’t want pesticides and sulfates on my face! So I was interested right away!!

What was even more appealing about this line is that it is said to use over 30 freshly-squeezed organic juice concentrates as base (not water) which to me translates to super rich in potent antioxidants and essential vitamins which slow down the aging process. Some of their juices include apple, lemon, jojoba oil, aloe leaf, acai berry, goji berry, passion flower, champagne grape seed oil, a proprietary blend of fruit stem cells (which is blend of organic apple buds, grape buds and lemon), orange, pineapple, kiwi seed oil, pomegranate, carrot seed extract, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, algae, bearberry, cucumber, chamomile, sage, coconut oil, etc. The list is long and crazy good! You can check it out here.

Also, the line is said to be gluten free and mostly vegan with the exception of their lip products which contain sustainably sourced honey and beeswax. But they also have a 100% vegan collection from Alicia Silverstone.

Anyways, so yesterday I finished my first cleansing milk bottle and I loved every ounce of it! My skin has reacted really well to it and it involved no water for which my face is really thankful. Oh and the affordable part: this bottle is 200mL/6.75 fl oz and retails for $22.00. Not bad at all seeing that I used it twice a day, every day, for a couple of months.

I am off to buying the second bottle today! My next project is to do some more product reviews research to see if any of their other products would be a good match for me. After all, my skin is my biggest organ so I am being more careful these days with what I put on it.

I’ll let you know what other wonders I discover! Until then, cleanse organic, kids!

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My experience with working out is an on-going love-hate affair. Mostly hate. It’s a continuous attempt that has me going mad with fury! While growing up in a communist and post-communist environment there were no gyms or much of a … Continue reading

Movember 12, 2012

As promised, here’s an update on my fiance’s quest to grow a mustache in support of Movember. So here he is today, November 12, after shaving the rest of his facial hair. I have to say I’m impressed, looks rather full for 12 days!

      The Tintin inspired hairdo is a bonus =))


So here’s to 18 more days of painful kissing, kids!!

And if you haven’t joined the Movember movement yet please check them out at and grow a mustache…unless you’re a girl in which case please don’t! Just make a donation to support all the men in your life.

Elections vs. Movember

I’m not a US citizen and since the candidates weren’t featured on American Idol I was unable to cast my vote. But I’m glad it’s all over now – Facebook was becoming so annoying! Ugh! Too much anger and trash talking. Me no likey.

So I chose to shift my focus on what I can actually make a difference for the time being: testicles! Yup, testicles! 🙂 That’s what the month on November is about. As many of you know, Movember is a moustache growing charity event held during the month of November each year in order to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. And while it’s not an initiative directed towards my own health, I feel very strongly about my fiance’s testicles and prostate so I support it! 🙂 And so should you!

Exhibit A: Perma-stache on the September night he proposed

My fiance has registrered with Movember to help raise money and in doing so he is also growing a mustache during the entire month of November. And, for kicks, I am going to document the progress of his stache on my blog! What you need to know is that he can’t really grown much facial hair (aside for a perma-stache that he just can’t seem to escape) so this is going to be fun!! wink wink

So here is what it looked like on November 3rd:

And again today, November 7:

Ok ok I’m kidding. I told you he can’t really grow facial hair! Focus! So this is what he really looks like today, 11/7:

At any rate, I encourage all of you to support this charity. It’s a really good cause and benefits all of us, whether your’re a testicle-owner or not. You may check it out and donate at

*************************To be continued *************************

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Vodka is your BFF

Here’s an interesting personal fact: I hate vodka. Strange fact for a full bred Eastern European (or a Commie as my boyfriend’s friends refer to me as), isn’t it?  I mean, think about it, I grew up in communist and post-communist Romania where one of the most popular ways to get warmed up during the cold, harsh winters – like 6 months of the year! – was to drink yourself into oblivion. And with the borders closed for the longest time there was no Jameson, Johnnie Walker or Jack Daniel’s. Noe, noe, noe! Even vodka was scarce.  So Romanians made their own traditional spirit called tuica (pronounced tzuika) which is really just moonshine on steroids. I remember visiting my grandparents as a child and waking up in the morning all high on the tuica fumes coming from the kitchen! Ahh those were the days of my life, kids! I can still see my grandpa sitting on a little wooden chair watching the kettle boil really slow and drip one little drop at a time into a teeny tiny bottle. And he would have this amaaazing smile on his face!!! He loved making tuica and I miss him terribly:(  

Anyways, the point of the story is this: the women of Romania used tuica as a natural remedy for the flu and sore throats and I brought this crazy witchcraft back with me to Southern California! Yup, and my boyfriend got to experience it not once, but twice!  What you need to know about my boyfriend is that he does not take medicine. Of any sort! The most he’ll take is vitamin gummy bears.  And yes, this is a grown man I’m talking about. So one time he got the flu and was feeling really miserable so I figured I’d do my commie magic and brought out the vodka bottles (have not gone as far as making my tuica yet)!  I remembered my grandma rubbing my feet and head with tuica and then putting on woolen socks and a beanie, and tucking me under a few layers of homemade goose blankets, so I told my boyfriend I was going to nurse him to back to health in no time! He rejected the idea of having his head drenched in vodka but agreed to let me do it to his feet.

And then, a few weeks later he woke up with a sore throat and I instantly went into my commie nurse mode. I rapidly sliced a potato and placed the slices on a scarf (I though orange was the most flattering to his skin tone), poured a LOT of vodka on them and wrapped the whole thing around his neck. A photo is worth a thousand words so please enjoy!

 PS – They both worked!!!

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