Spice Up Your Kitchen

Just adorable!! This set of mini vintage porcelain salt & pepper shakers and matching tray is simply adorable! Made and hand painted in Japan, this set consists of 4 mini porcelain shakers standing approx. 2 2/8″ tall and one porcelain … Continue reading

Toss the bottle, drink in style!

Vintage Raimond Italy Silverplate Glass Pitcher Decanter

Ah-mazing!!!! New in my store now is this beautiful Italian glass decanter/pitcher with silverplate top and handle from Raimond Italy. It stands approx. 12″ tall, weighs about 2.10 lbs and will hold up to 15oz of liquid. It’s just perfect for entertaining!

This pitcher is perfect for serving wine, sherry, mimosas or just iced tea! It also makes a great wedding gift or house warming gift. It is in great vintage condition! If you want to see more or if you are interested in buying it please visit my store here.

Until next time…

Hair care for the health conscious

I now make shampoo! Who would have thought? hahaha not me, that’s for sure 🙂 But in the last 5 years, in my quest to keep my body away from the really harsh chemicals found today in our cosmetic and bath&bath products I declared war on three major … Continue reading

Right Brain vs Left Brain

The past couple of years have been an exploratory phase in my life where my right brain has been fighting to overpower the left side of my brain in a quest to bring more creativity to my life. Needless to … Continue reading

Candy Makes The World Go Round

Someone sent me these tiny little monsters and I ate them all.  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

I must comply with this week’s photo challenge so I am sharing my favorite selfie with the love of my life.

1970s Corning Ware Le Persil + L’Echalote

These vintage 1970s Corning Ware menu-ette and casserole dish in the Spice of Life pattern with the French lettering are simply dreamy! If you are anything like me and enjoy cooking and like having good quality but also pretty cookware these are … Continue reading

In My Mind I’m Free

In my mind I’m free. In my mind I don’t belong in the corporate world, stuck in an office behind a desk. In my mind I look like this right now, somewhere in the Southern France, riding my white bicycle … Continue reading

A Non-Idiot’s Guide To Persimmons

From the Non-Idiot’s Guide series I bring you guys today persimmons. Ta-dah. I had never heard or seen them before until last week while browsing Trader Joe for some fresh fruit. I first thought they were tomatoes, like yellow heirloom … Continue reading

Paris, I am all yours!

One more week until I get to say I DO to the love of my life in Paris!  Some say weddings are stressful but I am determined to have a carefree one full of love and fun!

Les Marches aux Puces in Paris

Two more weeks until I get to go treasure hunting in Paris’ famous marches aux puces!! And then off to Nice, Cannes, Aix-en-Provence and Barcelona for more treasure hunting!! Ahhh I get allergies just thinking about all the dusty old … Continue reading

Vintage Pirates Chest Wooden Bar Box

This vintage 1960’s treasure chest liquor decanter set from Kill An Hour With Andaluza is perfect for any gentleman’s office or den. Makes a great present for the special man in your life. Or yourself:)  I personally like to enjoy a nice … Continue reading

Gold Tea Time

Nothing says it’s five o’clock like a cup of English tea, scones, jam and cream. It’s a lost art today but acquiring some of these beautiful pieces may entice you to take some time away from the madness of your day, … Continue reading

Vintage Price & Kensington Gold Lustre Teapot

I always had a thing for shiny, bright, in-your-face things! The shinnier the better! Not that everyone always agreed with me 🙂  So anyways, when I came across this shinny, vibrant gold tea pot this weekend I just HAD to get … Continue reading

All Women Stalk – So True, So Me!

Like I didn’t already have so much going on in my life I just got another freelance writing gig with All Women Stalk! Yessss! I used to read AWS religiously until very recently when life got too busy.  So it was only … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Nothing screams hot summer days than gold glittery nail polish!! It doesn’t get any girlier than this!


Vintage Godinger Silver Plated Powder Box

This jewel is one of the very first  Kill An Hour With Andaluza pieces I ever acquired and today it got sold. When it comes to vanity collection pieces the Victorian Bouquets from Godinger are a great choice! They are magnificent in … Continue reading

Chinese Porcelain Tea Set Dragon & Phoenix

Ahhh I die when I think of this tea set!! It sold already and I miss it! I found this beautiful Chinese tea set while visiting family up in Northern California. My soon to be beautiful sister-in-law Christina took us … Continue reading

Happy 4th And Happy Birthday!

Today our little Wally turns 3! Isn’t he the most handsome munchkin ever? And of course he’s wearing one of our Lord Wallington bow ties to honor ‘Merica!!!! So happy birthday Wally and happy birthday America!!!

Old World – The Beginning

Recently I have found a new love – the love of old things. I could try to figure out how this came about but honestly I don’t know. One day I just woke up wanting to go shopping for something … Continue reading

Ptitim or as we all call it Israeli Couscous

If you’ve never had Israeli couscous you must definitely give it a chance! It’s one of those things that may appeal to many as in itself it’s tasteless. But because of that it’s extremely versatile, just like any other pasta as that’s … Continue reading

Fashion Alert: Lord Wallington has arrived!

Calling all my fashionistas out there! Being up to speed on the latest fashion trends, as I am sure you are, you must have noticed that men’s neck-wear is so in! Everywhere you look, you see bow ties: beautiful, bright, … Continue reading

The joy of an adult conversation!

Have you noticed how we tend to have really easy, small conversations with our usual circle of friends? You know “oh girl, today work was insane” or “I can’t believe he hasn’t called yet” or “Oh dude, have you seen the new … Continue reading

Must have heels

I have the pink ones but I honestly want them all!!! So versatile and light! 


Longer, healthier life or growing fangs?

A friend of mine Jessica Lopez who is a registered nurse and health coach and has an amazing website filled with information about improving one’s life talked about fluoride in one of her blog posts yesterday. I had heard of fluoride … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

My LOVE is when you’re so in sync that you both show up for dinner with friends wearing the same outfit! My fiance and I now call each other if we need to meet up rather than leave the house together. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

To cake or not to cake!

We have slowly (and I mean very slowly) started to plan our wedding. And not knowing where to start we started with the cake! On Saturday we confirmed the cake and we are now planning the whole wedding around the cake! … Continue reading

Apply Yourself – Posh Spice vs. Sporty Spice

My experience with working out is an on-going love-hate affair. Mostly hate. It’s a continuous attempt that has me going mad with fury! While growing up in a communist and post-communist environment there were no gyms or much of a … Continue reading

Apply Yourself – Posh Spice vs. Sporty Spice

My experience with working out is an on-going love-hate affair. Mostly hate. It’s a continuous attempt that has me going mad with fury! While growing up in a communist and post-communist environment there were no gyms or much of a … Continue reading

Life after Pony Express

So let me tell you what happened after Pony Express. There is an old book store that we discovered the first time we went there and which was on my Idyllwild-must-go-to-list. In true Idyllwild fashion, books were arranged by the … Continue reading

The Pony Express

So here we are, in the beautiful, rural, little piece of heaven called Idyllwild, CA – population 3,500!


After a lovely lunch at Cafe Aroma, we ventured off in the wild – literally – and came across this store called the Pony Express. It just sounded dirty to me so I had to go in. Turned out to be the creepiest little place ever. Loved it! Hahaha here’s why:




Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

These, I promise, were the words of this man while trying to convince me I must give him a chance and let him take me out. And now we’re getting married in seven months!!! 🙂 So yes, looking beyond what … Continue reading

A bed & breakfast adventure!

Last night we decided that we wanted to get away from the city for the weekend and started looking for places to go to. We wanted something close where we could drive. Hmmm after a couple of hours of research … Continue reading

Barbie and Ken’s marriage in real life…

I found this on Pinterest and I had to share!! lol

Lavash Flatbread aka Low Calorie Deliciousness

Like everyone else out there I came out of the holidays with fuller cheeks and a rounder butt so I’m being a little more careful about my calorie intake these days. The other day I made this amazingly delicious flatbread … Continue reading

In retrospect

This morning I realized that I couldn’t remember what the layout my of blog looked like! That’s how long it’s been since I’ve been on here. So sad! To my defense, I’ve been helping my fiancé write and manage his … Continue reading

The Power of Orange

For those of you with a love for fashion and color you should check out my fiance’s blog post today about The Power of Orange – it’s all about this exquisite bow tie!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Green is actually one of my favorite colors and when I think of color I think of fashion! I think of the softness of the fabric, the amazing sense of beauty we feel when we’re fashionable, and the confidence it gives us! And with that in mind, isn’t this bow tie exquisite?


Movember 12, 2012

As promised, here’s an update on my fiance’s quest to grow a mustache in support of Movember. So here he is today, November 12, after shaving the rest of his facial hair. I have to say I’m impressed, looks rather full for 12 days!

      The Tintin inspired hairdo is a bonus =))


So here’s to 18 more days of painful kissing, kids!!

And if you haven’t joined the Movember movement yet please check them out at http://us.movember.com and grow a mustache…unless you’re a girl in which case please don’t! Just make a donation to support all the men in your life.

Chicken Tarragon Soup

My grandma used to grow tarragon in her garden and while I distinctively remember tarragon’s very particular taste I can’t seem to remember what she would make with it. I haven’t had tarragon in many years until I recently came … Continue reading

A non-idiot’s guide to open a pomegranate

Ah, the beautiful and sweet pomegranate! How exotic, how different and unlike any other fruit! And yet, in my opinion, the pomegranate is a bit of an underdog of the world of fruit! And I LOVE fruit! I first saw … Continue reading

The Sisterhood

I won’t claim to understand how deep and close men’ friendships can be but I’m willing to bet that they’re nowhere near as glued as The Sisterhood! Girls will forever be girls and there’s nothing more girly than girls talking.                                         … Continue reading

Breaking the boundaries of men’s fashion – bow ties

I believe that rules and boundaries are meant to be pushed and sometimes broken. Not the ones that hurt us emotionally or that have the potential of putting us behind bars but the ones that society puts in place in the name of the “natural order of things“. You know, like the concept that the pantsuit was “inappropriately masculine clothing for women”. Then came Yves Saint-Lauren who in 1966 introduced his Le Smoking, an evening pantsuit for women that mimicked a man’s tuxedo. What a triumph! What a success!

And today, everyday, you see men proudly sporting murses, man-scarves, mandals, etc. J Et voilà, if they can wear my stuff then I can wear their bow ties too!

My boys

These guys melt my heart every single day with just one look, one scratch, one bark. I simply adore them. Here they are: Mushu and Wally, also known as the Humpor and the Humpee.

To jump or not to jump

I was telling you earlier that I’ve bee a little busy lately and I started by telling you about the scavenger hunt we’ve done. Well, we did lots of other stuff, like a 5K obstacle course at the Marine Corps … Continue reading

The Newlyweds

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. At least I’m staying true to myself – the self-proclaimed queen of hobbies, completely sidetracked by a million of things. I own it though: I have the attention span of a 5 year old! Eh, I am who I am.

This time I blame my absence on so many things. Where do I even start?! Well I’ll start with the little but fun events. First, Immanuel and I did our first scavenger hunt. Oh man, if you’ve never done one you should try it! So much fun! We tried the CityScape Adventures (www.cityscape-adventures.com) which turned out to be a web of 12 puzzles and challenges in a citywide race to the finish line. So awesome!! Of course, it turned out to be on the hottest day of the year! We basically had to show up in teams of 2, in costumes (we were The Newlyweds), and were allowed to have a smartphone on us and about $10 each. The rest was all a mystery. So noon comes around and we’re all handed a piece of paper which listed about 8 or 9 challenges and riddles which we had to complete in any order we wanted. The remainder of the challenges were sent to us by text message from different locations, which of course we had to figure out. So much fun! And it was a good workout – we ran/walked about 7 miles all around town to solve and collect clues.

We finished in 02:09! We didn’t win the first, or second, or third place. Not even the 10th for that matter! Nor the costume contest! Booooooo:( But we spent the most amazing day. And now I know my city even better. Here are some shots from the race:

Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

My boyfriend, Immanuel, walking our dog Mushu on a rainy day. Can you tell Mushu is a California baby? He doesn’t do well in the rain! lol

Weekend Shenanigans

Gone to Palm Springs to enjoy a long, hot, and wet weekend with the beautiful people!! Will report back with juicy details!

Happy Labor Day weekend, kids!! Be wild! 🙂


Murder Mystery – Suspects Revealed

I have finally recovered from the Murder Mystery Dinner Party we hosted last Saturday. It was obviously an amazing dinner party, if I may say so myself:) But it took me almost 4 days to get over the nausea and headaches. Eek! Getting drunk at *** is definitely not the same as getting drunk at 25! Nope, recovery time is just ridiculous. It’s like for every 3 years you get an extra day of nausea, migraines and pain in places you didn’t know could hurt. But the champagne+vodka+pomegranate shooters were amazing so no, I have not learned any lesson this time either. I will do this again. Soon, I’m sure.   

So if you’ve read my previous posts you know that I’m completely obsessed with murder mystery books and movies so I’ve been counting down the days for this party for weeks! But I never thought it would turn out so much fun! First of all, I want to thank all of our guests for getting all pimped out for the party. We had a 1930s theme and the outfits blew my mind! Ok so 1930s fashion was kind of gross so everybody seems to have found comfort in the 1920s fashion instead. And I must say that all the ladies looked smoking hot!!! Guys too but the girls totally took the theme very seriously and passionately put together amazingly accessorized outfits, from silky, flapper dresses, to veils, gloves, and long cigarette holders, to intricate wavy hairdos.

Now the plot:

One by one the Dukes, Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, Barons, Knights and their beautiful Ladies made their entrance and were greeted upon their arrival at The Manor by Sir Immanuel and Lady Anda.

Sir Immanuel and Lady Anda

By the end of the evening it was clear that among such distinguished guests a few clever outlaws had somehow made their way into the Manor and infiltrated the nobility. Music was played and wine and cocktails were consumed. And then, when no one was expecting it, the lights went out and BAM! Sir Immanuel collapsed to the floor! Some Ladies scream in horror, others faint while the gentlemen gather around the body laying on the floor and declare him dead.  Just like that. Lady Anda is grief stricken and cannot be comforted. And then, out of nowhere, a certain character arises and takes charge over the situation.

“No one move a muscle. Don’t touch this man!  I am the Great Bogdan, you are lucky I have come to this party. Even though I have only been a detective for a week I have solved thousands of murders…and all of you are now suspects. “

Everyone is now starring at the Great Bogdan as it is clear right away that the man is a bit off his rocker. Was it the alcohol that was making the man incoherent? Or was it something else? No one knew the man claiming to be a detective yet one by one they answered the poignant questions while he was obviously conducting an impromptu murder investigation. He goes on to say that the situation reminds him of a time when he was a child growing up in Cuba. Or was it Alaska?  No one could tell for certain what the man was saying. He then proceeded to eliminate suspects based on the first letter of their names. Then by the color of their clothes.

Madness”, cries Lady Anda! “This is just madness. I want justice for my beloved!

The Great Bogdan is now even more zealous and determined to find the killer and appease Lady Anda’s agitation. He goes on a rampage about people’s whereabouts just before arriving at The Manor. He’s claiming to have gotten his information from Facebook. Everybody is bewildered – what is this Facebook the detective is speaking of? And how does he know about all these so called” check-ins”?

But how was he killed?” cries Lady Anda. “Was he stabbed, shot, poisoned?”

The Detective now is building his theory around poisoning by pesticides. Sir Immanuel was drinking out of a cup when he collapsed. “It must have been poison”, declares the Great Bogdan.  And then he sees something shiny peering from under the couch. He digs and finds a knife. “Aha, I’ve been looking for a knife all night to cut the cheese”!   Silence in the room. The guests are in shock; had this man gone completely mad?

And then………Sir Immanuel’s body is moving. Some Ladies scream in horror again, others faint.  “What happened? says Sir Immanuel looking around the room. “I think I passed out from something.

All eyes are on the Great Bogdan who all of a sudden looks uncomfortable and embarrassed.

You see he is not dead!

How come no one checked to see if he was alive?!

I must go.

 The lights come back up.

=== THE END ===

Well kids, that was the plot according to the script. In reality, the Great Bogdan had a very thick Eastern European accent and was giggling all through the script making everybody around the room laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes (or perhaps their eyes were just glossy from the alcohol).  Either way, it has hysterical. Oh and during the murder investigation the dead man’s body kept changing positions as his body was getting numb against the wood floor I guess. Not to mention that he fell to the floor with his drink in his hand which never spilled but it did get emptied out by the time he came back to life.  

And here are the suspects:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1930s fashion was sucky sucky

My BFF in the whole wide world lives in Las Vegas and today she’s coming to visit! Yayyy!! Anca and I go back a looooong time – too long to mention. Yes, yes, we’re Anda and Anca. We’re like an old married couple by now; an old, well-synched friendship machine! You know how girls are: we cry, laugh, fight, hug, shop, drink and drop together. So this weekend I am ecstatic to have her here with me for 4 whole days! Which translates to 3 nights of sleeping on the couch for my boyfriend and the dogs:) I’m lucky that way, my boyfriend is the most understanding man and a real gentleman. Can’t remember if I told him about the couch situation yet though. If I didn’t….thank you babe, I know you’re reading this!! 🙂

Anyways, she’s coming over this weekend to attend the Murder Mystery dinner party we’re hosting on Saturday. Omigod omigod omigod I’m so excited! First thing on the agenda is shopping for 1930s dresses because the dinner party is themed as such. Big disappointment to see what 1930s fashion looked like…umm really not flattering to short girls. I mean what was up with that horrific length and all those long, loose ruffles? Just Google 1930s fashion and you’ll see what I mean. Ugh terrible. I mean, if you’re tall and have no curves then I’m sure you could pull it off. But I’m a hobbit and long skirts are just hideous on me and make me look even shorter and rather square. Blah! And then the hair; good lord! It was all flat and close to the head with finger waves. I am not dressing up like an old spinster, let’s just make that clear!

Spinsterhood alert! Must avoid at all cost!

So I will need to come up with something clever. Nothing comes to mind right now. But I will follow up with photos and details from the dinner party. Stay tuned kids!