My two (hundred) cents on stuff

Wedding Planning: I’m sure there are plenty of reasons for women to turn into total psychos during the wedding planning process but I think that when you fully realize that you can do whatever your sweet little heart desires you start to see the light!! And it can be so bright and so pink and oh so sparkly!


a little soul is a great way to do an unconditional good deed. This is Stormy, my very first foster baby. Yes, yes, I had him on a blue diaper for a few days:) We ended up adopting our second foster, Wally Wallington!


Get your volunteering on! Truly, a sense on community will improve your life, the life of your neighbors, and most importantly, of your children. So volunteer to clean a  park, paint a school or plant some trees. It will leave you feeling really good about yourself.


Tarragon – The underdog of spices. You really should give tarragon a chance. See my chicken tarragon soup recipe. Delish!

Walking for a good cause – Always a Yes. We walked for the American Diabetes Association. Go Team Hanky Pancreas!


Really, really, really good book. Unbelievably touching. If you haven’t read it yet you should.



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